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Ad Posted:6/10/2017 9:15:05 AM
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Posted By:DanaNichols
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General Aviation Cargo Nets and Custom Accessory Sewing Fabrication -- non-commercial use: includes barrier nets for cabin and empennage compartments; jump-seat covers; safety and restraint aids custom designed to your needs; utility and transport containers; some upholstery repairs; boat and RV accessories.

ILLUSTRATED NET: Cessna 180 or approximate; webbing/mesh field is 30 x 45 inches, plus four (sewn-on) 12 inch adjustable snap-latches intended for FWD restraint anchor to standard tie-down ring fittings in the seat tracks; included are six (6) moveable/adjustable 21 inch webbing/snap-latches for the perimeter -- intended to provide optimum fit & security for your varying load's bulk, and disperse the weight for all four restraint axes to ten separate tie-down points.

$780 for this example style and size.

To the extent possible, I use high-quality, MIL-Spec or certified-capacity hardware and webbing components for aviation nets and restraint aids.